Welcome to my visual world. After finishing my studies in Radio, Television, and Film at the University of Texas, I first worked for National Photographic Labs of Houston, a motion picture studio. After two years there next was two years working for a creative studio and annual report photographer.
I opened my studio in 1974 in Houston shooting advertising, architectural, golf courses and portraits. In 2009 I moved to Dallas, Texas and began shooting Texas and the Southwest landscapes, wildlife and photo art.

All of my photographs are for sale in print and digital form.  Prints on paper, metal, cromalux and canvas.  Digital files in low resolution for web use and high resolution for royalty free complete use for most images.

My commercial work;
* Architectural Interiors and Exteriors
* Cookbooks and Food
* Golf Landscapes
* Portraits 
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                        Contact me @ 214.272.3640